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Interest in local foods spurs roadside markets

Southeast Farm Press writer Chris Bickers in the article “Roadside markets rev up in North Carolina” writes that a lot of good things are happening with fruit and vegetables and other local products.


Shop farmers markets for the holidays

Buy local for the holidays says Sarah Blacklin of the  Carrboro farmers market

Buy Carrboro Week starts tomorrow: Dec.5th – Dec.12th! Did you know that each dollar you spend locally gives 3 times more value back to your community than the same dollar spent at a national chain?  That means much more of your money goes to the people you know and love.

The very best way to support your farmers and local artisans is to shop directly from them at the Farmers’ Market. Farmers’ markets enable farmers to keep 80 to 90 cents of each consumer dollar spent.  In addition, you know your farmer and know your food.

Did you know that a typical carrot has to travel 1,838 miles before it reaches your shopping bag?  At the Carrboro Farmers’ Market, our carrots travel an average of 30 miles from the soil to your plate and do not expend the fossil fuels, energy, or processing waste that you find with national chains, eliminating a huge amount of stresses on the environment.  And don’t forget about the plastic.  Our local products don’t require the unnecessary plastic packaging used to keep vegetables “fresh” while they travel across the country.

You are purchasing the freshest local products available when you shop at our Farmers’ Market; our vegetables were harvested the day before they made it to your dinner table, and our meat, wine, baked goods, and cheese were produced locally. Many of the baked goods are still warm out of the oven when they arrive to Market Saturday morning.  We are fortunate to have the option of knowing where our food comes from and choosing to spend our dollars in support of our local food system.

Starting this week and continuing throughout the holiday season, take some time to support our local farmers, crafters, artisans, mom and pop shops, business owners, and all the people we know by name who make this community thrive.

Community rebuilds Soul Food Farm

New York Times reporter Christine Muhlke in the article “Barn Raising” writes that when a brush fire destroyed two chicken houses at Soul Food Farm in Vacaville, Calif., in September, killing 1,200 chicks that would have been cooked rather differently at Chez Panisse, Alexis Koefoed was sure her business wouldn’t survive.

WUNC: Eat local for Thanksgiving

WUNC Radio State of Things host Frank Stasio talked with Richard Holcomb of Coon Rock Farm; Lionel Vatinet of La Farm bakery in Cary; and Craig Heffley and Seth Gross, owners of Durham’s Wine Authorities about eating local for Thanksgiving.

Why eat local

The Daily Table blog at the Sustainable Table website has a discussion on the importance and benefits of eating local.

USDA Know your food, know your farmer videos

The US Department of Agriculture Know your food, know your farmer campaign has a site where you can view videos on eating local, signing up for a CSA and buying from the farmers market. You can find the videos here. Upload yours to join the conversation.

Obama Administration changing the way we eat

Causecast writer Claire Morgenstern in the article “Obama Administration encourages Americans to eat locally” writes that the Obama administration has ushered in a transformation of the world of agribusiness as well.