I live with my wife and our two teens in North Raleigh, NC.

A friend asked me why I started “Eating in Raleigh.”

Ever since reading Barbara Kingsolver’s book on eating local and Michael Pollan’s book about what’s for dinner, I’ve become more and more interested in examining what we eat.

I’m interested in the ideas Kingsolver and Pollan discuss, as well as discussing community supported agriculture, farmers markets, growing fruits and vegetables, buying food at groceries, eating at restaurants (especially in the NC Triangle area) and books and movies on these topics.

We all eat every day and what we eat says something about the culture that we grew up in and are currently practicing. It says something about the stewardship we practice in relation to our bodies, our families, our land and our world. Every day there is something to write about and the topic can be as narrow as one meal and as broad as international policies on food, land and science.

In a youth group my wife and I led, we asked a mother and daughter to talk with the group of teens about the international mission trips they have taken and how food played a role. The daughter told the story of handing out trail mix to a group of children in Zimbabwe. She was distressed to see another child arrive just as they ran out of trail mix and amazed to see each of the children pick out the M&M, the best part, to give to the late arrival. When my wife later challenged the teens to paint on canvas what they remembered from our months of discussions on food, one team painted an outstretched hand, palm up, filled with M&Ms.

When Chris became the first person to post a response to Eating in Raleigh, he mentioned movies about food, purchasing habits, eating habits, grocery stores, equity to the access of food and asked for recipes.

There’s lot to discuss. I look forward to hearing from you.


3 responses to “About

  1. Your website is incredible – I have you bookmarked now and look forward to future posts!

  2. Your site is wonderful! Do you have any suggestions for getting involved in bettering the food choices in our local schools? I cringe when I see what is being offered and “advertised” to our children.

  3. Thanks for the look in.
    I am a member of Canadian Organic Growers doing research on school gardens with an eco-art spin. My garden is at a faculty parking lot.

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