Watts Grocery: Mardi Gras Meal and Help for Friends

At Watts Grocery in Durham, they’re planning for Mardi Gras. Chef Amy Tornquist notes that  February 16th is Fat Tuesday.  “Watts Grocery will continue our tradition of doing it up right! We will be previewing a few items from our upcoming new menu as well as offering some New Orleans specialties.” Look for:

  • Boudin-stuffed chicken breast
  • James’ Duck Leg, Oyster, and Andouille Gumbo
  • Fried Oysters with Low Country Remoulade
  • King Cake (make sure to watch out for the “baby” inside)

Tornquist calls on folks to shop local. She says that we need to keep up the efforts to support our friends and neighbors in small businesses of all kinds around town.

“I have heard of a few friends closing or selling their businesses and there are many Durhamites still suffering mightily. I know that we are all trying to feel more hopeful about the future and there is much to look forward to. But I worry. I see signs of recovery right along with signs of continuing trouble. We as a company have seen great success this year thanks to our friends and loyal customers. But we have also faced adversity. I see my coworkers working hard and trying their best all day long. But I also see that our health insurance went up 40% as a company this year and we have had to ask more from our folks to even keep this benefit at all. And that feels miserable and truly worrisome. So continue to visit the independent shops along Broad and Ninth Street, shop downtown, and remember that money you spend on local businesses stays here in town.”

She offers a list of local businesses:
Toast (when I’m not at Watts, of course)
Vaguely Reminiscent
Vert and Vogue
Ox and Rabbit
Scratch Baking at the Durham Farmer’s Mkt
The Green Room
Craven Allen
Joe Van Gogh
and all our neighbors!!


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