Brownell urges support of NY soda tax

Kelly Brownell, director of Yale University Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity, has written the column “Want a healthier state? Save Gov. Paterson’s tax on sugar soda” in the New York Daily News.


One response to “Brownell urges support of NY soda tax

  1. Years ago, when my brother earned his PhD, our Dad, a mill worker, told my brother, on his graduation day, “Do not become one of the educated-stupids.” He meant for my brother not to disconnect from main street reality. His words are ringing in my head each time I read one of these news articles.

    I have owned and operated a c-store since 1976. I would love to sell and retire. I have never seen the economy in such a mess. Sales go down, down, down, while government squeezes and squeezes. Each time one of these bills pass, I MUST adjust to it. A penny an ounce doesn’t sound like much to the customer. But, to retailers, it is a killer to inventory. When this new soda tax passes, I will cut more hours and decrease other inventory. I will sell soda. My customers will buy it. I will cut out probably a juice that doesn’t sell well. That part-time college student that just had her tuition increased–I will cut her hours. I have to.

    I will still sell to my SNAP (food stamp) customers purchasing soda. SNAP allows the purchase of soda, chips, ice creams, candies and confections. Educated-stupid ring a bell, anyone? The soda tax will be a pre-paid–meaning it becomes a part of cost of goods to the wholesaler. The SNAP program will essentially pay NYS. It is a shell game. With an administrative cost.

    My grandson will go to school today and on the way in he will pass dozens of soda vending machines. Pepsico and Coca Cola pay for those placements–it funds sports. Educated-stupid anyone?

    I live in NYS. I know they are in a mess financially. The legislature is just about non-functioning. This health care cost is being thrown out to the media. Soda the cause? P’leeze! There are other tremedous expenses to NYS–and the main one is booze. It cause health care expense and much, much more. Probably 60% or more of crime is alcohol fueled. Meaning–if there was no such thing–it would not have happened. Police, courts, jails, DA’s, public defenders, prisons, etc. Wow–you think? Educated stupid, anyone? Their lobby too strong to tax the cause??

    Not one single high end tax (other than a loop hole closing on estates) has been proposed. Like on luxury items. Why not? Really–why not?

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