NCDA tweets on NC Local Food Policy Council

If you were looking for information about the first meeting of the NC Sustainable Local Food Policy Council, you could visit the NC Department of Agriculture’s new twitter account. There you would find the following entries about the meeting:

  • 1st mtg of Sustainable Local Food Advisory Council getting under way. Ag Commissioner Troxler welcoming members, large audience.
  • Troxler: Local food important to NC economy; looking forward to SLOFAC expanding markets, helping farmers stay on the farm.
  • Local Food Advisory Council mems introducing themselves, expressing excitement about the council & its mission. Mtg. room is SRO.
  • Asst Ag Comm Richard Reich reviewing history of local food councils in US: We have an extraordinary opp. to succeed.
  • Franklin Co. farmer John Vollmer: We have goodness in the core of what we want to accomplish. It’s a powerful force.
  • NCDA&CS lawyer explaining council’s statutory duties, other legalese.
  • Sustainable Local Food Advisory Council members elect Ag Comm. Troxler chair, NCSU’s Nancy Creamer vice chair.

Sounds like a lot was accomplished at the first meeting with a standing room only crowd. They have elected leadership with State Ag Commissioner Troxler chairing the group and Dr. Nancy Creamer from CEFS at NC State serving as vice chair. You can find the NCDA twitter page here.


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