Joel Salatin: interviewed in London, praised by Pollan, appearing in Raleigh

Gaby Wood, a reporter for the Guardian newspaper of London, England in an article “Interview: Joel Salatin” writes that Salatin talks about why local is best and his role in the documentary Food, Inc which attacks the giants of industrialised food production.

Michael Pollan has sent along a note encouraging folks to read the article on Salatin:

Friends: There’s a terrific interview with Joel Salatin in the Guardian today, notable not least for the fact that Joel appears in a suit holding a chicken! Well worth checking out. I hope you got to see the Oprah segment last week.

Salatin is the farmer hero of several of Pollan’s books and one of the stars of several of the food movies including Food, Inc. He is a Virginia farmer, operating Polyface Farms. His website notes that he is due to speak at Meredith College in Raleigh on March 9.


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