Watch Food Inc, Join a CSA

My family enjoyed Vollmer Farms CSA last year and have signed up again this year to be members. They bring the weekly box of produce from their farm to a home in Stonebridge in North Raleigh that makes it incredibly convenient to pick up for me. They have a good selection of food I’ll actually eat and they have wonderful strawberries. You may recognize the name of the farm from their strawberry stands or pick your own operation.

I just received this e-mail from farmer John Vollmer:

Registration is now open for our 2010 CSA! Due to the increased demand for local organic food, we are expanding our membership this year. We typically have to close registrations by mid-March, why not decide today? Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) at Vollmer Farm is all about local organic food. It’s about health and nutrition. It’s about quality and value.

And they are encouraging folks who may be trying to make a decision about joining a CSA to view the movie Food, Inc to help them make a decision.

Not in tune to what all the fuss is about? Oprah devoted an entire show this past week to what’s happening in the food industry. Check out the acclaimed documentary film, “Food, Inc” when you get a chance. You can download it from iTunes, order it from Netflix or pick it up at Blockbuster. If you’re looking for motivation to join our CSA, you’ll be impressed!

I just ordered a copy of Food Inc from Amazon after they partnered with Oprah to push the price down to $9.99 in conjunction with her interview this week of Michael Pollan on her show.


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