Michael Pollan hanging out with Oprah

Michael Pollan chatted it up with Oprah today. They covered the current Pollan list: the documentary Food, Inc, and the new book, Food Rules.

About Food, Inc, Oprah said:

“You can decide that for yourself. Isn’t that wonderful? Because we live in America and you can do that,” Oprah says. “But for me, it boils down to making more conscious food decisions. That is my opinion. I saw the movie. That’s how I felt. But you need to see it for yourself and make your own decisions because I believe you have a right to know where your food is coming from.”

Pollan talked about the western diet:

“It was really invented about a hundred years ago. It means lots of processed food and meat, lots of added fat and sugar,” he says. “Lots of everything except fruits, vegetables and whole grains.”

Oprah and Pollan discussed Food Rules and some of its suggestions:

1: Eat food .
2: Don’t eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.
7: Avoid food products containing ingredients that a third-grader cannot pronounce.
13: Eat only foods that will eventually rot.
39: Eat all the junk food you want as long as you cook it yourself.

You can watch part of the discussion here.

Pollan closed encouraging folks to vote with their forks:

“We all can vote with our forks. We get three votes a day,” Michael says. “You don’t have to get every one of them right. But if you get one of them right a day, if you vote for food that has been sustainably grown or humanely grown, whatever your values are, … you will change the food system. It’s happening now.”


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