The latest on food movies

We got a roku box the other day. Its also known as a netflix viewer. The box connects to your television and links to the internet over your wireless internet network. For the time being, netflix is offering all their instant view movies for free as they build a client base for serving internet movies.

Food, Inc is available through the Roku. The DVD has been on sale for months now. Its a great starting point for understanding the current discussion about food – why Big Ag is a concern and eating local is beneficial.

There are a number of other movies that are now for sale on DVD. Several are offering home sale, or licensing to show to groups. Many have several of the same central characters like Michael Pollan and Joel Salatin.

I really like Food Fight. In telling the story about food issues, it discusses Alice Waters’ role. Its available for home purchase and educational purchase and continues to be screened in film festivals.

Fresh is similar in story line. One of the great additions here is the description of Will Allen and the founding of Growing Power in Milwaukee. Allen answers the question of raising and delivering produce where its needed most in urban areas. It can be purchased for home, non government group and educational use. The filmmaker has done a great job encouraging folks to provide screenings and promote them through the movie’s website. She has an active Facebook site.

Tableland is available for purchase for home and educational use. Its being shown in local screenings still. It focuses on local folks in Canada and the northwest US.

I’ve purchased all three of the above for home use. Here are a few others I’m looking at:

It would be great if someone could organize screenings of these movies in the Raleigh area. Food, Inc drew a large crowd when it played the Colony. I went with some friends to see it at the Galaxy in Cary, too. Let me know if you hear of any plans to screen these films or similar ones in NC.


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