Ilona: Zely and Ritz Liquor Dinner

My friend Ilona wrote about a recent visit to Zely and Ritz on South Glenwood:

Zely & Ritz has an awful lot of wine dinners, a few beer dinners and recently, to my great joy, a liquor dinner. We went with friends, were seated at a table with like-minded diners and enjoyed not only their company, but the meal, the discussion of the creation of the meal and the cocktails! The edible highlights for me were the “Goat Cheese wrapped in Coon Rock Farm Swiss Chard over an Anise infused Daikon Salad with candied Kumquat Sauce”  The flavor blending and the crunch were fabulous and I could have eaten an entire bowl for dinner and been happy. But, then I would have missed the beef Osso Buco and it’s sauce and that was pretty amazing also. The lovely thing about dining at Zely & Ritz is that the conversation and the atmosphere and the presentation of the food is to be savored as much as the flavors and they do a pretty darn good job at all of it. Jay, the bartender, outdid himself and each cocktail was better than the last culminating in an eggnog that was heavenly. It was the best I’ve ever had. Jay created this recipe and used NC’s Catdaddy Moonshine, which even if you didn’t just love that name, was delicious all by itself. I certainly hope all my Northern relatives agree since… they all got a bottle for Christmas.


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