Farmers market managers share ideas in TN

Sarah Blacklin of the Carrboro farmers market noted in her recent newsletter that she was in Tennessee for the Practical Tools and Solutions for Sustaining Family Farms conference.

Erin Kauffman, the Durham Market Manager, and myself are speaking this week to other Market Managers across the southeast, as well as taking classes and filling our heads with exciting new knowledge we can apply at our home Markets and share with our growers.

I see many familiar faces here including Cathy Jones from Perrywinkle Farms, Stanley Hughes from Pine Knot Farms, Ken Dawson from Maple Spring Gardens farm and many others.  If you don’t all ready know, many of our local Carrboro Farmers’ Market growers travel across the country to talk about what they do and share their knowledge. Tonight, we will all be attending the lecture by Dr. Tim Lasalle from the Rodale Institute titled, “We have the power to change the relationship between climate change and agriculture”.  You see, farmers in lil’ old Carrboro think globally as well as locally 🙂


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