Eating is a tasty memoir

In the latest Quail Ridge Bookstore newsletter, there’s a reader comment on the book Eating:

I read EATING, a memoir by the guy who’s a publisher at Random House.  Great memoir about eating, story, and the connection between the two–well, I am so glad that someone as sweet and articulate as he is, finally explained to me what I’ve been all about my whole life, eating and story telling. — Susan

The 192 page memoir from publisher/editor Jason Epstein deliciously describes meals, some with celebrity chefs at restaurants.

The Quail Ridge Bookstore review of Eating notes:

Jason Epstein, the legendary editor and publisher of Norman Mailer, Vladimir Nabokov, Gore Vidal, and E. L. Doctorow, among many other distinguished writers, and the editor of such great chefs and bakers as Alice Waters, Wolfgang Puck, and Maida Heatter, takes us on a culinary tour through his eventful life, beginning with his childhood summers in Maine, where his decision to improve upon his grandmother’s chicken pot pie led to a lifetime at the stove.


One response to “Eating is a tasty memoir

  1. I too enjoyed Jason’s book. I knew him a little bit when I worked with Norman Mailer as his editorial assistant, which I write about in detail in my book Mornings with Mailer, due out Jan. 26th. Like “Eating,” Mornings contains a great deal of talk about food and writing and relationships. Jason was a good dinner companion as I recall. And Norman was an amazing man to work with and dine with.

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