Quail Ridge Books: Alice Waters

In this week’s notes from Quail Ridge Book Store, Sarah mentions a book on Alice Waters:

ALICE WATERS AND CHEZ PANISSE by Thomas McNamee (Penguin $16).  I bought this for my daughter, who loves cooking and anything French and dipped into it for a little taste of my own first. Hours later I emerged, fascinated, hungry and completely dissatisfied  with the supper I had planned. Thomas McNamee delivers an engrossing account of Waters’ journey from 60’s student at UC Berkeley flirting with radical politics to serious gourmet Francophile to current international activist on behalf of sustainable agriculture and superb local cooking. It’s equally a biography of the famous restaurant she founded, the often eccentric cast of characters involved with it, and all their trials and triumphs.

I would recommend a copy of the movie Food Fight to folks interested in Alice Waters’ story.

The folks at Quail Ridge also noted DG Martin has an encore interview with John Shelton Reed and Dale Volberg Reed about their great book on “barbeculture,” HOLY SMOKE. Its on NC BOOKWATCH, SUNDAY, 5:00 PM, on WUNC-TV.


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