N&O offers Relish

You’ve probably seen the insert in the News and Observer about food. My friend Kathy shared this information:

relish is the monthly magazine which is distributed nationally in local newspapers and is also available Online. The purpose of the magazine is to celebrate America’s love of food. They bring their readers the best things that happen around the table….from the cheeses of the middle west to something only available in the southwest, they tell their readers how to make these foods and advise on the best cooking gadgets, cookbooks, nutrition tips, and help their readers to make meals a festive occasion. To quote the magazine…Relish life….eat desert first. Jill Melton is the editor. Each month they feature Tastes of America, Good Health, Road Trips, Good Fast Food, Recipes, Seasons, Wine, Holidays and they celebrate those who make a difference in the way Americans eat. Reach Melton at Relish Magazine, 341 Cool Springs Blvd., Ste. 400, Franklin, TX 37067, 800-720-6323. Check out their Web Site:www.relishmag.com


One response to “N&O offers Relish

  1. Hi … just heard about your magazine from a friend … I do get the N & O in Cary, NC … sorry to say I have never seen this magazine … and my friend cannot remember the day it is in the newspaper ~~ please let me know what day of the week is it in newspaper…. Thank you, Linda Soeder

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