Begin Research into CSAs

If you are interested in joining a community supported agriculture group, now is the time to begin investigating. Many farms will be signing up folks for the new season soon.

There are a number of factors to consider when developing a relationship with a farmer.  Here are a few suggestions:

Check with others who have used this service. Find out what they experienced. I had one friend who signed up with an inexperienced farmer and was only willing to purchase certain items so he received little food over the course of the year.

Expect food to be seasonable, but find out what sort of balance you’ll be offered. Of the two CSAs I’ve joined, one had great strawberries in quantity for weeks, one had great watermelon in quantity for weeks. At the start of the year, both offered lots of greens. There were new things to try, but we were supplied with a lot of food that we had always enjoyed eating.

Find out about the covenience of food  pick up. You may have to drive for miles, or you may have pick up nearby. Is it on a day that works for you?

What sort of relationship do you have with the farmer? You may enjoy going to the farm to see your food and chat with the farmer, or you may be happy to pick up a box in your neighborhood and have no contact with the farm at all.

We are lucky in Raleigh to have a wide variety of choice when it comes to CSAs. We have farms that offer meat CSAs, produce CSAs or some combination. Look now for what may best fit your needs so that when agreements are signed in February and March, you will have found the best match for your family.


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