Top eatinginraleigh Events of 2009

2009 was an interesting year for eatinginraleigh. The first postings began in April. Since that time, there have been 20,000 page views.

Food, Inc arrived in theaters showing at the Colony and Galaxy in Wake County and then on DVD opening the eyes of many to food issues. I became aware of a number of food movies such as Food Fight and Fresh.

I’m reading Barry Popkin’s the World is Fat and Michael Pollan’s Food Rules which came out in 2009 helping people to see the changing role food is playing in the world.

Will Allen spoke at NC State University spreading his message of Growing Power and discussing his work in Milwaukee.

We saw increasing opportunities for NC residents to get fresh local foods to their tables through farmers markets, community supported agriculture and community gardens. My family bought an increasing amount of its food from Vollmers CSA and the State Farmers Market.

We ate food at restaurants this year like Zely and Ritz and Watts Grocery, leaders in serving great meals made from local foods.

I was able to visit and write about a number of restaurants, many in North Raleigh where I live and work. My favorite has become Chubby Taco which opened on Lake Boone Trail this year. There were lots of visitors checking out the openings of Captain Stanleys, Don Dons and the Japan Inn.

In NC, state lawmakers passed law to create a food policy council, state laws brought the end of smoking in restaurants and there was that discussion in Raleigh about dogs and restaurants.

Nationally, there was the planting of the White House garden and Michelle Obama’s leadership on food issues. Congress considered and some states put into effect requirements for restaurants to disclose calories on menus and supermarkets began providing nutritional rating systems for products.

Thanks to Michael Pollan, Will Allen and Marion Nestle for their work this year, as well as Dr. Nancy Creamer, Richard Holcomb, Sarah Blacklin, Amy Tornquist and the folks at the Interfaith Food Shuttle.

I’m looking forward to what 2010 will bring.


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  1. Year in review entry – nice!

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