To Go Traditional Southern New Years Dinner

Hoppin’ John, Collard Greens and Cornbread have long been  essential components of the New Year’s Day meal because of their promise of health, wealth and luck in the new year.

The meal includes cornbread signifying gold,  greens representing paper money and black-eyed peas often seen as coins.

Lucky 32 Chef Jay Pierce says:  Some folks claim that General Sherman considered them cow fodder and left them in the field as his ravenous troops marched through. The nutritious legume saved the day and was ever afterwards seen as a symbol of hope and better fortune for the Southerners, who continue to eat them each year.

Lucky 32 will prepare your New Year’s Day dinner. Place your order by 5 PM on Wednesday, December 30th. You can pick up your order on December 31 (heat and eat) from 2 until 6 p.m. or pick it up ready to eat on January 1.

To place an order, in Cary at 919-233-1632 or call in Greensboro at 336-370-0707. The restaurant will call you to confirm your order and get payment information.


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