Value the meals we share

Local Harvest Director Erin Barnett shared her thoughts about sharing table, and the important role it plays in family.

Let us remember the value of the meals we share at home.

Last night I spent an hour making supper, as I do almost every evening, and at some point between chopping the garlic and browning the onions, these thoughts came loudly to my mind, “I love to cook. I love to make food for my family.” Yes, I thought, as I listened to my husband and daughter playing in the next room, this is a sweet part of the day. And then we sat down together, lit some candles, said our grace — “Thank You for this food, and that we are together” — and ate.

Cooking and eating together need not be elaborate, but it is best, it seems to me, when it is consistent. Like most such commitments — planting the seed planted in early spring, bringing the baby home from the hospital — the fruit may be months or years in the ripening.

At all times, but especially in this season of holiday bustle and stress, may we all slow down long enough to invite one another to the table, and when we get there, to look around and welcome with gratitude those who have gathered.

As always, take good care and eat well.


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