Q Shack offers BBQ at North Hills Mall

I went with Chip and Drew to the Q Shack at North Hills Mall for BBQ recently.

The Q Shack is near the North Hills movie theatre, across from Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. I’ve been frequently for lunch, but haven’t made it there for dinner.

On this visit, I ordered the Hickory smoked pork shoulder plate with two sides: cole slaw and black eyed peas. This is $7.99.

The BBQ is pulled off in chunks, served in a bowl of its juices. The BBQ is tasty, but overly moist to my preference.  The cole slaw is excellent. It is a little heavy on the onion. The black eyed peas are good, flavored with onion as well.

The Q Shack is a locally owned and operated restaurant that serves farm fresh foods from local farmers whenever possible. The restaurant uses organic produce when available and 100% trans-fat free oil in all of cooking and frying.

The Carolina pork shoulder is slow cooked overnight (10+ hours) using a blend of hickory and mesquite woods. Every morning, the pit masters load up fresh, local chickens, turkeys, pork ribs and sausage to provide fresh, hot, tender barbecue all day long.

The restaurant works with local farmers and suppliers to assure that only the highest quality cuts are delivered. For pork products, the restaurant works closely with local and regional hog farmers who raise their animals without the use of hormones and provide the highest quality meats, fresh off the farm. Organically grown vegetables and farm fresh produce are used whenever possible.

In the Triangle, the Q Shack has locations at North Hills in Raleigh and on East Main Street in Carrboro


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