Gifts that discuss food

If you are thinking about gifts you can give during the holidays that say something about food, there are several movies and books to consider.

Food, Inc would be at the top of my list. My wife gave me the look, when I mentioned it for some of the family. I also like Chris Taylor’s documentary, Food Fight. It includes a lot of Alice Waters and a little Will Allen, in addition to Michael Pollan. Fresh is another good movie that features a lot of Joel Salatin and Will Allen, along with Michael Pollan.

There have been an interesting crop of books:

And for younger readers, there’s:

You can also consider cooking classes or gift certificates for folks to try out restaurants that you like. There are lots of options to help shape the way we look at food and eating.

Here’s hoping that you find ways to warmly nourish the hearts of those you share gifts with during this time time of celebration.


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