Grabbing a seat at the Pit

Ed Mitchell‘s network television time has translated into a busy restaurant in downtown Raleigh.

I visited on a Saturday night with my wife and our friends Julia and Barry. For months, I had been trying to talk my wife into visiting the Pit and different things got in the way. My wife went in for a business meal and really enjoyed the ribs. That paved the way for our visit.

We hadn’t made reservations and when I checked Open Tables that morning, they were booked out. I called and they suggested that walks in are fit in as space becomes available.

We arrived around 5:30 and walked in to find a line. They offered a table in the bar, or a 30 minute wait. Our group opted for the bar.

Our server provided us a beer menu. Each of us picked something different. I had the Mother Earth IPA from Kinston; my wife tried the Shotgun Betty from Raleigh; Julia tried the French Broad from Asheville; Barry had the He’brew Messiah from San Francisco. Barry knew a little more about microbrews and described some differences as we each sampled the beers.

For the meal, I ordered the pulled pork and everyone else ordered the ribs.

The pulled pork plate is smoked and pulled form the bone, lightly seasoned with pepper vinegar. I had black eyed peas and cole slaw as sides. It was a large serving of BBQ. The meat had that good wood-smoked taste. There was little flavor from sauce, which you could add. They offered a pepper-vinegar sauce and sweet-tomato sauce. I sampled both and mainly used the pepper vinegar. It was delicious with the big chunks of well cooked tender BBQ. The pulled pork plate was $11.99.

Everyone else ordered the half rack of Baby Back Ribs. My wife had the sweet potato fries and seasoned vegetables. She loved it, but the portion was so large that she only ate about half. The half rack of Baby Back Ribs was $13.99.

To celebrate our first visit, the four of us split a serving of banana pudding. There was a large bowl with the usual pudding, bananas and wafers topped with an inch thick of marshmallow fluff and whipped cream sprinkled with sugar. Overly sweet, but quickly eaten.

We had a great meal. Valerie was our server and was very attentive.

I extracted a promise from my wife that we would be able to visit the Pit again and maybe sit in the dining room the next time.

The restaurant is located not far from the train station and just down from the new Raleigh Convention Center. The restaurant is at 328 W. Davie Street. The phone number is 919-890-4500.


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