Marketers Seek to understand Americans mixed health signals

In IRI’s Times and Trends 22-page report Health & Wellness: Redefining Healthy Living, there are insights into emerging marketing strategies being employed by an industry seeking to accelerate consumer migration toward healthier living, and benefit from increased brand, category and store sales along the way.

In the summary, Thom Blischok notes:

  • Americans continue to have a love-hate relationship with building and maintaining healthy eating and living habits.
  • The Centers for Disease Control reports that U.S. life expectancy has increased three years in just the past decade, but that over the past 30 years, the prevalence of obesity has tripled.
  • Despite nearly continuous news articles on the benefits of exercise, only about one-third of Americans exercise on most days, and among those concerned about chronic disease, the rate is even lower.
  • Leveraging the brand strength of existing national and private brand products, manufacturers and retailers should consider introducing brand extensions that feature healthier and/or organic ingredients.
  • Innovative marketing efforts will also increase interest in better-for-you products and living habits.
  • IRI will continue to report on the economic recovery and the impact on shopper behaviors for the future, with a particular focus on the question of whether shoppers will continue their frugal habits going forward, revert to past behaviors or pursue an entirely new set of strategies.

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