Parkers BBQ in Greenville

We recently made a trip to Greenville so my son could check out East Carolina University. After touring Pirate land, we had developed an appetite.

I had hoped to visit B’s BBQ in Greenville or Jack Cobb’s in Farmville, as touted on the NC BBQ Trail. But folks were hungry and Parkers popped up on the navigation system. We were just minutes away from one of the two Greenville locations.

We went to 2020 Greenville Blvd location with the big parking lot and large dining room. They had a family dinner in a meeting room that must have been serving 20-30 people and there were lots of folks spread across the dining room.

We sat down and a server came to the table quickly. We got corn sticks, hushpuppies and drinks in short order.

I ordered the large BBQ dinner that comes with cole slaw and choice of two vegetables. I picked boiled potatoes and Brunswick Stew. My wife had a combination plate with BBQ and fried chicken. My son went with the fried chicken.

I had eaten at the original Parkers in Wilson and the food here was similar. The BBQ was eastern style, slow roasted over wood, sauced and then chopped. There was a large quantity and it tasted good. The boiled potatoes and Brunswick Stew were quiet good. The slaw is cabbage with a taste of vinegar.

My wife preferred the chicken to the BBQ. My son liked his fried chicken.

My large BBQ dinner was $7 plus a drink. My wife’s small combination was $6.89. My son’s 2 piece chicken dinner was $6.59. They also offer family style buffett dinners with BBQ, BBQ chicken and fried chicken and a range of sides fo $9.39 per person, and a seafood platter with fish, shrimp and oysters for $11.99.

I thought the BBQ was OK, the sides were very good and we received very attentive service.

My word of warning about Parkers is that they only take cash. They won’t take your plastic. I didn’t notice til I went to the register to pay. I would have thought a restaurant of that size would accept credit cards, but they do not.


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