fresh rewards cards at Lowes Foods

When I went to Lowes Foods in Harvest Plaza and bought groceries the other night, the clerk at check out handed me a fresh rewards card. Its worth $5.

The card states that you can redeem as much of your fresh rewards cash as you’d like whenever you shop Lowes Food. You are required to redeem the card within 30 days. It is date stamped and has a bar code on it. It is also stamped with your rewards number.

You cannot use the fresh rewards card to purchases of wine, beer, prescriptions, fuel, taxes, services gift cards or lottery tickets.

The Lowes Foods website says that fresh rewards makes it even more rewarding to shop the supermarket because it allows you to take advantage of weekly specials, earn fresh rewards cash that you can spend at Lowes Foods, and receive personalized promotional offers. It’s Lowe’s Foods way of saying thanks for allowing them to serve you and your family.

With fresh rewards, the more you shop, the more you earn.


One response to “fresh rewards cards at Lowes Foods

  1. I like the point system better than the fresh rewards cash because you could let that build up & this you have to use in 30 days or you loose it

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