Inter-Faith Food Shuttle and U.S. Foodservice to Feed 500 Families this Thanksgiving

Inter-Faith Food Shuttle will hold their annual “Turkey Takeout” event this Friday to distribute 500 turkeys, corn, bread and pies to partner agencies and pantries for families this Thanksgiving.

Inter-Faith Food Shuttle has an increased commitment to fighting hunger during a time of increased need in the Greater Triangle. U.S. Foodservice will be providing 1250 pounds of corn to pair with the 500 turkeys, pies and bread provided by the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle. Without this distribution of food, hundreds of people in the community would go without a holiday meal.

“Tough economic times will only make Inter-Faith Food Shuttle work harder to fight hunger,” said Jill Staton Bullard, Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle. “We have increased the number of turkeys to distribute this year by 300, and are grateful to U.S. Foodservice for donating fresh produce.”

Turkey distribution will run from 11am – 12 pm on November 20 at the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle’s Raleigh location.

To find out how to help fight hunger in the Triangle year around, go to or call 919.250.0043.


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