Jackson Browne: Far from the world of hunger

My wife took me to see Jackson Browne at DPAC in Durham this week. What a great show. I told her my dream when I bought his first album in 1972 was to someday take a beautiful girl to one of his concerts. I just didn’t realize it would take 37 years.

Browne played solo. He had a keyboard and a row of 16 different guitars with alternate tunings for different songs. He moved from guitar to keyboard playing for nearly 3 hours with a 15 minute break. He didn’t get to all the songs in his large catalog, but one he did perform was “Far from the arms of hunger.”

Far from the arms of hunger
Far from the world disorder
Beyond the reach of warfare
Blinded by faith no longer
No longer free to plunder
No longer safe to rule
A world no longer ours alone

Where people walk in wonder
And speak to one another
And recognize as brother
The face across the border
Across a sea of differences
Across the drifting sands
The joining of our hands in time

When will we find
We can no longer look away
When will we mind
The killing in our name each day
When we decide
That all our might just weighs us down
Then will we find
The means to turn our world around

Browne’s legacy is that of a musician and songwriter, and an advocate for social and environmental justice. In 2008, he received the NARM Harry Chapin Humanitarian Award; and, in 2007, he received the Chapin-World Hunger Year Harry Chapin Humanitarian Award.


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