Carrboro farmers market prepares for Thanksgiving

Saturday is shaping up to be a beautiful day with highs in the mid-60s.  Sarah Blacklin says she was starting to wonder if our little NC monsoon would ever come to an end.  It’s no surprise that farmers are reporting a whole lot of mud this week.  Cold, wet days like this on the farm chill you to the bone while you push to harvest, bunch, and bag for Saturday Market. 

The market will hosts its 7th annual Thanksgiving Market Tuesday, Nov. 24, 3-6 PM. Over 25 vendors participate in this Market to help customers create a local Thanksgiving meal. For the shopper who wants to use locally produced goods for their holiday celebration, the Thanksgiving Market offers an array of items from cheeses for appetizers, to vegetables for side dishes, to pre-ordered, pastured heritage breed turkeys, to cranberry relish and the pie for dessert. So many items that you are encouraged to visit the Market first and the grocery store second!


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