Last Fresh Meat Feast

Loxley Abbey Farm of Raleigh plans a Last Fresh Meat Feast at 2 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 14. It will be a great banquet of fresh meat & many seasonal foods!

The feast marks the tyme in medieval days when the herd was culled to make it through the long winter ahead & a feast of the last fresh meat till spring would be held along with much merry making for all the village.

There is a ceremony to honour the ideals of Robin Hood. They will celebrate with medieval games for both the adults & children

Come see the Mummers’ Hog Play A Medieval Mummers Play where costume dressed folks act out a silly short play in total rhyme to make you laugh. Especially when you see the Hog!

We Also learn about St. Martin who’s feast day is Nov. 11th & how he relates to Halloween & the of the number 11. We will make paper lanterns & carry them in a parade saying a cute little rhyme.

In the agricultural calendar Martinmas marks the beginning of the natural winter. Begin the winter with a hardy Feast At Loxley Abbey!

This is a Feast Event so bring a Harvest Pot Luck Dish! Loxley Abbey will be cooking a Ham over open fire for all to enjoy. We will drink warm mulled Cider & celebrate the day.

2401 Old Milburnie Rd-Raleigh, NC. 27604 RSVP: or call: (919) 373-9794


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