Grady’s BBQ is in Dudley

If you are in the check out line at the grocery, and you see those biscuits on the cover of the magazine, you’ve just got to pick it up. The biscuits decorate the front cover of the Our State magazine and their November 2009 “Our Favorite Foods” edition.

Turn to page 70 and you’ll see the layout for Grady’s BBQ. My friend Sue says if you like Carolina BBQ, Grady’s is the best:

Grady’s barbecue near Dudley is located near my parents’ home and is the best ‘cue I’ve ever had, produced by a wonderful family. The banana pudding, collards, and other offerings are also fabulous. It’s out of the way, but worth the trip.

The magazine says Grady’s:

(pronounced Graddy’s) is on US 117 south of Goldsboro. Owners Stephen and Gerrie Grady and their family also do a delicious job with country vegetables like cabbage and black eyed peas, and you’ll especially love Gerrie Grady’s  welcoming smile.

Grady’s BBQ – BBQ Jew


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