Investigating Carolina foodways with Amy Rogers

I happened upon a copy of the Food and Foodways edition of the Tar Heel Junior Historian from several years ago.

The last story in the magazine is North Carolina: A Culinary Crossroads:

When we talk about North Carolina foodways, we are discussing not only foods themselves, but also the ways that people choose foods according to individual and collective cultures, religions, habits and preferences. … North Carolina’s population continues to grow as thousands of people move here every year. These new Tar Heels – whether from neighboring states or faraway countries – bring with them the rich and diverse cultures of their homelands. the study of foodways will become more important as we interact more frequently with people from other backgrounds and beliefs. … Understanding food helps us understand each another – and the changing world around us.

The article is written by Amy Rogers. The Charlotte writer is known for her writing, publishing and talking about food.

In her 2004 book, Hungry for Home, Rogers profiles folks like Pat Conroy, EmmyLou Harris and John Shelton Reed telling their stories of the food and people that make home.

Rogers also worked with the Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County to establish the nation’s only public library-sponsored literary publisher. As the Novello Festival Press, they’ve put 300 writers into print. All NFP titles are distributed nationally through John F. Blair, Publisher. Proceeds from NFP books benefit the Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County.

Rogers also chats with folks in Charlotte on public radio WFAE. Listen to her talk about Pie Day here.

You can find Rogers on a panel being questioned by Stacy Cochran here about publishing.


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