Japan Inn opens in North Raleigh

The Japan Inn has opened next to the Carolina Ale House at 4400 Falls of the Neuse in North Raleigh. Drew, his wife Misty and I tried it for lunch this week.

Drew had made an earlier visit and was excited about the sushi rolls and all you can eat menu the newly opened restaurant offered. The restaurant menu is packed with all kinds of options.

I arrived a few minutes late, joined Drew and Misty, and ordered the all you can eat lunch and asked for clear soup, house salad, hibachi chicken and crispy California roll.

I really liked the hibachi chicken which came with  zucchini, mushroom, brocolli and onion as well as fried rice. This was my first taste of sushi.

Drew and Misty both really liked the five different rolls that we ordered between the three of us. There are two dozen different rolls to select from. Usually the rolls are priced $6 to $13 dollars. With the all you can eat lunch, the price is $12. For dinner that goes up to $22.

The service was attentive, but slow in their first week open.

The Japan Inn in Raleigh is the second NC location. The first is in Greenville. Some of their rolls note this. The Greenville Roll with shrimp, crab, cucumber and avocado and the Priate Roll with yellowtail, tuna, salmon, asparagus, scallion and avocado.

If you are looking for sushi, the Japan Inn gives you a wide selection and provides quality food.


One response to “Japan Inn opens in North Raleigh

  1. they are closed

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