Grocery Nutrition Rating System: There’s an ap for that

Guiding Stars, the world’s first storewide nutrition navigation system, is now making it even easier for busy grocery shoppers to access the popular at-a-glance nutrition rating system while on the go.

Guiding Stars has teamed up with a top-selling iPhone shopping assistant application, ReachEverywhere’s Shopper, as the first nutrition navigation system to provide grocery shoppers around the country convenient access to the good-better-best rating system.

The application will allow shoppers to easily identify foods on their shopping list that provide the most nutrition for the calories. The healthy shopping application will be offered to new users for 99 cents and is free for current Shopper users.

Now, the Shopper application allows iPhone users to conveniently access the Guiding Stars rating system from anywhere. Some of the application’s features include:

  • Browse and compare Guiding Stars rated food items within Shopper
  • Add Guiding Stars rated items to their shopping lists
  • Helps consumers better understand nutritional choices
  • Create multiple lists for specific stores, situations or recipes
  • Easily organize lists to match the aisle order or layout of their grocery stores

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