The Nation: Vanden Heuvel on Food for All

In the Nation’s Editor’s Cut blog, Katrina Vanden Heuvel describes the new “special issue, “Food for All.” A departure from some of our past coverage of “food politics,” like our 2006 special issue that focused primarily on what we eat, “Food for All” looks at the new fronts in the movement for food access and democratization of our food issue. An interesting thread runs through the issue: communities using food, farming and sustainable agriculture as ways to lift themselves up out of poverty, and deal with the impacts of the recession. Grace Lee Boggs (Detroit) Dayo Olopade (New Orleans) and Habiba Alcindor (Mississippi) each spotlight communities that are turning to agriculture and farming in response to economic (or natural) catastrophes. All the more reason to read and implement our newest “Ten Things,” this month “Ten Things You Can do To Start a Community Garden.”


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