Flying Biscuit, Downtown Raleigh

When the Flying Biscuit first arrived at Cameron Village, we were able to get in and enjoy the meals that we had first tried at the Atlanta FB. Unfortunately, that lasted only a short time before everyone else in Raleigh decided they loved FB, too.

My family decided we had time Saturday and would be willing to wait to eat there. Somehow, we got lucky. The wait was about 10 minutes. But for me, it was an odd 10 minutes.

While we sat out front, folks with dogs started arriving at the restaurant. One couple was seated in one of the new outdoor sidewalk tables with a large golden retriever. When the waitress brought their drinks out, she brought the dog a bowl of water. He seemed especially happy and lapped it up.

Then two more dogs arrived. They all began sniffing and woofing. One woman asked someone waiting to hold her dog while she went to put her name on the list to be seated. One of the waiters was trying to clear the outside tables and was having to walk around the dogs to get back and forth.

I was happy to be called inside and get away from the sidewalk dog party.

Once we got inside, service was quick. We got our fried green tomatoes, then our drinks and some biscuits with that apple/plum jam. Just as we were getting to the biscuits, more food arrived.

I had a black bean omelet with cheese, onion and salsa that was one of the day’s specials and those creamy FB grits. I savored every bite. It was delicious. My wife had the Candler with pancake, eggs and chicken sausage. My daughter had the oatmeal pancakes with peaches. Their servings were large. They ate some and we brought some home for later.

The Flying Biscuit is consistently delicious with good service. It’s good enough for the wait and sometimes, when you’re lucky, the wait isn’t long.


One response to “Flying Biscuit, Downtown Raleigh

  1. Oh yeah. We spent a wonderful morning at The Flying Biscuit recently.
    But it was the Flying Biscuit in Atlanta.

    Take a look at the photos. Flying off the plate biscuits:
    Sometimes you just gotta have a biscuit

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